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Revelation Revolition

wird verwaltet von CLAIRE VAN DEN BOSCH

Über uns

From Emergency to Emergence “Any change may bear seeds of benefit. Seek them out.“ Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

Could the COVID-19 crisis be humanity’s chance to change our ways? To hit a global reset button and start over?
What have we learnt in these past months? What do we still need to learn? How do we begin to make sense of our experience and listen for the seeds of a better future amid all the hardship and confusion – a future that is ours to write! A future that is about sustaining, affirming and celebrating all of life, in all its diverse, breath-taking beauty, a future unlike any past we’ve ever known?

We think the time has come for us to gather into community and ask ourselves those questions in a big, global conversation with essentially the whole of humanity, because we need answers large enough to serve all of us, the entire planet. Revelation Revolition is the platform that was created to host that very big conversation…


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