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en masse foundation

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Über uns

En masse foundation is an independent non – profit organization exclusively for charitable, mentoring programs for middle and high school youth, foodbank etc.
Our goal is to Ease hunger and poverty in Daantjie trust by providing food, and teaching skills that will empower our community to increase self-sufficiency. We will achieve this by:
1. Soliciting, collecting, and packing food for distribution
2. Providing nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, and culinary education opportunities to target our population.
3. Partnering with local congregations, organizations, businesses, and individuals
4. Soliciting food and monetary donations from individuals, local food growers, and retailers
5. Establishing a volunteer base
6. empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing New Events and Opportunities in a safe environment that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier community




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