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Suncokret Centre for Community Development

wird verwaltet von M. Turniski

Über uns

Suncokret - Centre for Community Development is a Croatian non-governmental, non-profit organization founded as a response to the psychosocial needs of community in the after war period. Suncokret undertakes community development work in Sisak County. It aims to address negative psychological, social and cultural consequences of the social upheavals in the region, to improve the quality of life for all, but especially for deprived members of the society, to promote community rebuilding, and support development of a sustainable democratic civil society.
By creating an available space for various cultural, educational, artistic, and social events for all of Gvozd Municipality, the community center encourages revitalization and sustainability. The center provides a neutral space which enables interaction between individuals from various cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Reintegration and the improvement of life is essential in this area that suffered war and displacement and now faces returning individuals as well as settling of refugees.
Suncokret is committed to the implementation of democracy building, citizen participation and empowerment, community development, voluntarism and altruism, shared responsibility, equal opportunities and involvement for all regardless of gender, religious or national differences. The center has become a catalyst for civic and social change through the development of interethnic/national understanding, tolerance, and reconciliation.
Suncokret-Centre for Community Development primarily focuses on promoting social inclusion and encouraging civic engagement in the municipality of Gvozd. Various activities at the center are intended to facilitate reintegration of people of different ethnic groups. These activities assist in the reintegration of the community and contribute to community building and development of interethnic/national understanding, tolerance and reconciliation.


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