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Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust

wird verwaltet von Herman K.

Über uns

Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust [AIDEST] was established in 2008 as a Non-Governmental Community Development Organization to promote Innovative Methods and Approaches in Humanitarian Help, Education and Training, Childcare, Youth Empowerment as well as Food Security, Healthcare and Environmental Sustainability. From its establishment, AIDEST has had close links with leading Community and Youths Groups throughout Uganda and Africa, as such is at the forefront of Fighting AIDS, Unemployment, Human Rights Abuses, Gender Inequality, Drug Abuse as well as Discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS [PLWHA].

With this pioneering experience, the Organization is involved in Community–Based forms of Care, Counseling and Support to Needy Children and their Families, including Homeless Elders and Orphans. In carrying-out these activities AIDEST equally promotes Functional Literacy [FL]. Fundraising to meet Special Needs Projects is an important part of AIDEST.

Poverty, AIDS, Wars and Civil strife as well as Large Families force many Children to become Orphans or Vulnerable, as a result unable to get proper Formal Education or Lifeskills Training which make them face Gloomy Future, with the Worst Chances of HIV/AIDS Infections at Earliest age, Subsequently Premature Death in search of Survival. Others resort to Criminal Acts. Ensure that, Nutrition, Education and Training is incorporated in Formal and Informed Training in order to Improve the Knowledge and Attitudes for Behavior Change of Communities in Food and Nutrition related Matters, Support Capacity Building programs and Educate the Small and Medium Farmers on New Farm Technology, Encourage them take Tree Planting and Livestock Raising as Business, including Village Co-operatives become more productive by increasing Production, Raise Incomes as important to fight Poverty.


Plot 2 Hse 2, Kamwaka road, Butebe, Mukono Town

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