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OMEP Cameroon

wird verwaltet von A. Binyet Bi Mbog

Über uns

The OMEP Cameroon National Commitee is the branch of OMEP (World organisation of Early Childhood Education Cameroon).OMEP is an international, non governmental and non profit-making organisation dedicated to all aspects of early childhood education and care. OMEP.

Founded in 1948 in Prague, was established in order to advance the interests and overall well-being of children in all parts of the world, regardless of race,sex, religion, national or social origin.

OMEP Cameroon was created since 2009 and is pursuing the same ambitions in Cameroon to favor the welbeing of children. This has brough us to always dedicate our actions to bring positive change every where there is stake for the rights of children.



A. Binyet Bi Mbog

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