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Mali Music Centre (MMC)

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This project deals with leveraging traditional musical talent in Mali, famous for having the most musical accolades in Africa, in order to expand the Malian music industry, diversify musicians’ revenue streams and in turn combat Islamist cultural oppression imposed by terrorist groups.

The fragility of the West African Sahel is not to be underestimated and such non-governmental social projects, vehemently promoted by the Malian government, may prove the decisive factor in keeping a region from collapsing further and another migration crisis from unfolding.

MMC was designed with the help of Grammy-award winning maestro Toumani Diabaté and the London School of Economics, setting a foundation for a high-impact music school revolving around the provision of capacity-building services and employment opportunities for musicians and music managers in Bamako, expanding the ability for the Malian music market to capitalize on foreign currency and digitalization of the music industry.


Rue 495, Porte 235, Badialan III