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Which crowdfunding platform suits my project?
Numerous projects are registered at betterplace.org on a daily basis. Most of them are really creative, well-intentioned or serve as great business ideas.

However, not every project meets the criteria of the terms of use at betterplace.org and we need to reject them, because they try to generate income on our platform or want to collect donations for personal items. But the refuse does not mean those ideas can’t be realised successfully or aren’t of high potential. But most of the time they are better off at a different online platform, which presents projects that are financed by the “crowd”.

To help you choose the right platform, you can find various crowdfunding platforms at a glace:


Startnext is a suitable platform for ideas from artists, creative people, inventors and social entrepreneurs. You can find the following categories: Comic, Community, Design, Invention, Event, Movie/Video, Food, Photography, Games, Audio drama,


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