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Action for Development of Grassroots Communities

wird verwaltet von Obore Joseph

Über uns

Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) is a small non-profit operating in Bukedea District, Teso sub region in eastern part of Uganda. The formation of ADEGCO was out of deep aspiration by a group of young, committed and passionate youth to give back to the community, create a social positive impact and do an action at home by responding to the plights of the most vulnerable groups of people especially; women (disabled, widows and HIV/AIDs victims) and the youth (in and out of school) affected greatly by communities' most pressing challenges including; unemployment, diseases, extreme poverty, gender and economic inequalities, climate change, lack of skills, low income. We do this by designing and implementing innovative project geared towards not only improving the life of our target group but also community members as a whole! Our projects/activities lie under the following thematic areas of focus; Education and Skills Training, Agriculture and WASH.


Okunguro Mission Road, Plot 2 before industrial area in Bukedea town.

Obore Joseph

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