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centro social river oeste

wird verwaltet von altair sant anna de souza

Über uns

River Oeste Social Center

CNPJ: 09044964/0001-06

President: Altair Sant Anna de Souza

Address: Rua Alvorada Do Sul, N.188 Cosmos. CEP (Postal code): 23062010- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Telephone: +55 21 34093569
+55 21 994830983

Youth Sport Program

01 - Our Objectives:

A) We offer health through sports by way of healthy activities for children and youth

B) We work with respected and accredited professionals, together with their relevant organizations

C) Our activities are recreational, interactive, instructive, and help to raise self esteem for beginners and those who seek a more healthy life

02 - Our Programs, Activities, and Modules:

A) Football Society
B) Indoor Soccer
C) Field Soccer
D) Basketball
E) Volleyball
F) Martial Arts
G) Gymnastics, Localized Aerobics, and Hydro-gymnastics
H) Ballroom Dancing
I) Theater

03) - About our activities:

A) All of our activities are for beginners (age 5+)


Rua Alvorada do sul n. 188
Rio de Janeiro

altair sant anna de souza

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