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24 million Day labourers of small and big cities of Bangladesh are facing significant hardship and going through a critical time without their daily food for loss of work due to restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to enforce social distancing.

Most of the workers of Bangladesh anticipate losing jobs as many farms have temporarily closed while many small businessmen are passing a critical time following the outbreak.

Daily average income of a day labor 8$ to 10$.I met a rickshaw puller, by working all day long, he somehow earned 2$ that day. Another construction laborer, Razab Ali, 55, said: “I have eight members in my family and our meals depend on my income. If I can earn some money, then we can eat.” All construction work in the country has stopped following the Coronavirus outbreak, he said adding, “If I cannot earn money for a long time, how can I manage money to buy daily essentials.”