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MOVE Nepal- Global Volunteers for Nepal

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Über uns

We send Our Trained Volunteers into the Various parts of Nepal.This is a great Opportunity To the world Travellers just in fixed costs they will get the chance to Experience Real Nepal.Experience Real nepal while helping in the community.

Available Volunteer and Internships programs-

-Teaching various subjects in School
-Assisting orphange Home
-Teaching English at Monastery
-Homestay and cultural Exchange programs
-Environmental and sanitation awareness
-Helath and Medicines
-Working at Agricultural Fields
-School and community Maintenances
-Photography and Journalism Experience

The volunteer program is available to individuals or to groups of up to 30 people. Placements range from two weeks to three months. We also focusing on school groups, university students, adult groups and professional organizations to create and run custom programs for cultural visits, service projects, volunteer works,Researcn, and internship works in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.With our extensive local network, experienced staff and comprehensive information about all aspects of Nepal, Our staff is able to develop extraordinary opportunities in any corner of Nepal.Our group program is equal in quality to other international groups working in Nepal, while our fee is much cheaper (40 - 50%), as we use local manpower and resources to run and develop our program. .



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