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Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

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Kabissa is a non-governmental organization founded in 1999 and organized in the United States as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to help African civil society organizations to put Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to work for the benefit of their communities.

Kabissa's current priority is to support the networking, information sharing and ICT peer learning needs of African civil society organizations, which we do by maintaining an online platform at with a searchable organization directory, community blog and monthly member newsletter. Kabissa also organizes regular Africa Roundtable meetings in local communities (with remote participation via Internet) featuring a lightning round of introductions and guest speakers from member organizations.

Kabissa is different from Facebook and similar social networks because it is owned and governed by a nonprofit organization closely connected with African Civil Society. It is run with African stakeholders in mind - not corporate shareholders. Kabissa represents a vision to empower grassroots organizations in Africa to take control over their own means of communication.

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I triggered a payout for these needs:

  T. Eigen  26. Oktober 2015 um 15:01 Uhr

Thanks so much everyone for your generous donations! We will spend the money raised on maintaining our online networking platform for African grassroots organizations. Feel free to join us there if you are interested in helping African groups make the most of the Internet and ICT in support of their valuable mission. 

A donation amount of €235.00 was requested for the following needs:

Monthly Kabissa Server Hosting €190.00Monthly Site Maintenance €45.00


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