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15x4 Munich e.V.

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Über uns

The 15x4 community was started by a group of friends in the city of Kharkiv, the Ukraine in 2015. They used to meet to discuss various recent scientific topics which they found interesting. One day they got an idea to organize a public talk to share knowledge not only with each other but also with anyone else who would be interested.

The founding principles stayed the same as of the founder's friend meetings. Anyone is invited to give a talk and share their knowledge on any scientific topic that he or she is interested in, but we also allow the topic to be debated and commented by the community. Any guest of an event is free to join the community, visit a rehearsal to give some feedback, or help with organization. The guests of the very first events were mostly friends of the speakers, but already in one year, the 15x4 in Kharkiv has grown a pretty impressive support group.


Leonrodstr. 27