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Über uns

It all started after a Jayem Wolf livestream when Ami Shannon had the idea of a livestreaming festival to support and help artists. She came up with the name HOWLfestival and the idea of including a charity.
The HOWLfestival is a new online festival created to help struggling artists against Corona isolation. Various artists can livestream their music, reading, painting, etc. while others share their shop links or merchandise and connect with other people.
Also there will be a link to a charity where people can spend their money, too.
It's a festival from and for artists to help increase recognition and try to give a little bit of money for the livestreams of the artists.
There’s an Etsy store with HOWLfestival merchandise, too. All profit will go into the crowdfunding pot with which the live sessions of the artists will be payed. By buying one of these shirts you not only have a nice remembrance of said festival, you're also helping to pay the contributing artists.


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