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Über uns

VH-LAHA is a community based organisation (CBOs) located in shinyanga religion in Kahama district

Shinyaga is a city located in northern Tanzania, it’s the capital of the surrounding Shinyanga region.According to the 2002 cencus Shinyanga was having about 2.8 million people while Tanzania itself has a population of 34.5 million people while Kahama population was 596456

Due to high intant mortality rates,the life expectancy of Tanzania is 51 years and 36% of the population live below the poverty line.

The Shinyanga community is mainly Wasukuma one of largest tribe in Tanzania and they are agro-pastoralist.

Illiteracy rate is highest among the women in the region compared to men due to the factor that according to their tradition and customs boys were being given a priority in getting education than girls

The community being supported is street children, youths, orphans and vulnerable people and people living with HIV/AIDS Who are extremely poor economically.


We strive to enhance and provision of effective national response to HIV/AIDS by excuting programs that aim at supplementing and complementing wider access to quality and affordable health services to the people of Tanzania especially to themanting government efforts against epidemic .By particulary choosing to strengthen the development of Human Resource Health (HRH).We aim to enhance needy

Our Vision

A Tanzania that is self sustaining with less reliance on external aid and where its people are helping themselves to achieve a better existence in terms of health, income, education, commerce and development.



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