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my Boo Ghana School e.V.

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Über uns

Wir unterstützen gemeinsam mit dem Fahrradhersteller my Boo die Yonso Project Model School in Jamasi, Zentralghana. Dort sollen Kinder den Zugang zu Bildung mit den Schwerpunkten gesellschaftliche Verantwortung und Nachhaltigkeit ermöglicht werden.

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We received a payout of €243.53

  Jonas & Maximilian  16. Juni 2023 um 08:33 Uhr
The roof is up - and the school could be inaugurated!

Thanks to your support and additional external donations, the roof could finally be completed. The building is now protected and no longer exposed to wind and weather!



The school administration around Principal Benedicta, my Boo and the my Boo Ghana School e.V. took this as an opportunity to celebrate the opening of the school afterwards. Together with some my Boo customers, dealers and mutual partners, we were there a few weeks ago and were able to see the children performing dances and making music. In a festive ceremony, the various actors involved in building the school were thanked - and this thanks also goes to all donors who have supported us here on betterplace.org: Thank you again on behalf of the school, the children and us.
After the ceremony, there was plenty of partying and dancing.



P.S.: The donations that we requested together with this message will be used for further expansion of the top floor that supports the new school roof.


Hardenbergstr. 21

Jonas & Maximilian

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