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turn the corner e.V. fördert Bewegungsfreiheit und ökonomische, soziale und individuelle Selbstbestimmtheit für alle. Hierzu unterstützt der Verein politische, soziale und kulturelle Aktivitäten und Initiativen, die sich gegen rassistische, sexistische und andere Formen sozialer Ausgrenzungen einsetzen, mit dem Ziel, solidarische Strukturen jenseits bestehender gesellschaftlicher Spaltungen zu schaffen.

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We received a payout of €2,490.69

  Philipp  20. April 2023 um 09:23 Uhr

Hi everyone, 

it's me, Osman. I have just returned from Ghana and want to take this opportunity to share some news with you on the project. 

Since our last update in December, AYA farm was able to settle well in Yagaba, build our relationships in the community and we are at this moment preparing the land for our first season of rice farming on 65 ha, which is so very exciting! For the time after the upcoming raining season, and in order to be able to farm all year round, we will use the current money that we are able to withdraw now from this crowdfunding to invest in water pump as crucial part of our irrigation system. That does not mean we give up on our Tractor, but we decided to already make use of the available money in terms of the water pump now as it is not enogh to buy the tractor (we will rent one nearby for the specific days needed). The waterpump will also help us to lift our productivity to the next level, so AYA farm can soon invest in its own tractor and will be able to support more students in our scholarship programme of Lyf Jacket Foundation. For the scholarship programme of LYF we were able to strengthen our network in Accra, but that is a different story for another update, stay curious :)

Atached I also send some pictures of the land preparation in Yagaba (don't worry, it looks super dry now, but it's very very fertil and a type of soil that is capable to hold water - from the rain and soon also our irrigation system - for long time, which makes it perfect for rice farming.)  

On behalf of everyone in Lyf Jacket Foundation and AYA farm, I would like to thank you again for your generous donations and support to our vision of equal education and opportunities for all. Special thanks to our friends at turn the corner e.V. who make this crowdfunding possible!

Solidarity greetings and see you hopefully soon in Frankfurt,

Osman https://betterplace-assets.betterplace.org/uploads/project/image/000/109/620/301851/limit_600x450_image.jpg



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