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Ocean. Now!

wird verwaltet von Meike Schützek, Fabian Telschow

Über uns

Ocean. Now! ist ein Kollektiv, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, den Ozeanschutz zu beschleunigen. Wir arbeiten mit dem Medium Kunst um die Zerstörung des Ozeans JETZT zu beenden.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Intermediate goal reached! - our exhibition plans are progressing

  Meike Schützek, Fabian Telschow  26. August 2019 um 17:51 Uhr

Dear supporters, dear friends of the ocean and planet Earth,

we just reached our goal of "Financing a room for our exhibition"!  :)  We are overwhelmed by your generous donations and would like to say a million thanks - you are the best. Thanks to you we are gaining more and more planning reliability for our exhibition.

And this is what our plan currently looks like:
We moved the timing of the exhibition from autumn 2019 to spring 2020 as exhibition space was hard to find in Berlin short term - thank you very much for your patience! In the meanwhile, our team has been set up very well on the curational side and we promise you that we will not only choose the exhibition space carefully but will also work with a concept going beyond merely showing the portraits of our series "In Your Face". We are choosing the space carefully, for example by criteria such as social "neutrality" and "located central" in Berlin. The prints will outreach the idea of a "standard photo print" (be in for a surprise;). And we are planning readings, workshops and talks before, during and after the exhibition in order to bring together science, art and politics. Our most important interest herewith is to create a unique experience for you - following the main goal to sharpen our social consciousness for the topic of microplastics, to accelerate the motivation to act by individuals and to insist on the push by decision makers.

We are working very hard on concepting and creating this project very thoroughly - and only you make this possible! 

Again, thanks so much for your support,
Meike and the team of Ocean. Now!

ps: In the next few months, we will also intensify our political work - in order to accelerate a legal ban of microplastics in cosmetics and cleaning products. Our goal has not been reached - and our petition therefore is still open. You know what to do ;)



Danneckerstr. 8

Meike Schützek, Fabian Telschow

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