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Primary Education for All

wird verwaltet von D. Brockway

Über uns

A basic education helps us live a full and rewarding life, however more than 70 million children worldwide – the majority of them girls – do not receive one. Imagine you can't read, write, or count. Would it hold you back? If the answer is yes, please support us and help us to make sure EVERY child worldwide receives at least a primary education.

We are a U.K. based non-profit making, non-governmental organisation established in 2009 which will be applying for Charitable Status in 2010. Our main aim is to raise money to fund small-scale projects in developing countries to help provide free primary education for every child in the world.

We also aim to raise awareness, in developed countries, that many children aged 4 - 11 years old are denied their basic human right of a free primary education [as outlined in the 1948 United Nation's Human Rights Declaration] as many countries have no state funded education system.

We are currently supporting the following projects:

* Wheeling Primary School - one of a number of schools run by The Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation based in Kampala, Uganda in Africa.

* Shalom Village Medi Care - a new health care facility run by The Molly & Paul Child Care Foundation situated at Busega Village in Kampala.

* Children of Kampala's slums - there are many children living in the slums of Kampala in Uganda who lack the basic essentials of daily life - food; clothing; medicines; education etc. These children do not receive help from the city's orphanages.


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