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Hip Hop 4 Hope e. V.

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Über uns

Hip Hop 4 Hope is a charity foundation, organized in an association and based in Germany that uses Hip Hop as a tool to uplift young kids to keep them away from drugs and street violence, to focus their energies on more positive pursuits. With our passion for the five elements of Hip Hop (Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffiti & Knowledge) we cooperate with professional international Hip Hop artists to inspire kids all around the world.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

We received a payout of €2,461.80

  S. Müller  07. Juli 2021 um 16:23 Uhr

Hello Everyone, 
we want to give out a huge Thank you to all the donors. We allready started our Beyond the Dance Program in June after the Lockdown and are happy that the youth enjoing the classes. We are looking forward to add more groups step by step. 

With your support we are able to give the greek local teachers an expense allowance for the dance lessons. They are more than just dance teachers. The function as role models and mentors for the youth. They built relationships to empower the youth. 

Also we are able to cover the cost for the Youth Block Party event. The donations will be used for a suitable location, a soundsystem, technical needed technical equipment, PVC flors and expense allowance for the leading forces at the event day. 
YouthBlock Party: 

Once again, thank you so much. Through your support, we are able to share the HipHop culture with the youth and empower them to be a better person every day. 



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