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Hip Hop 4 Hope is a charity foundation, organized in an association and based in Germany that uses Hip Hop as a tool to uplift young kids to keep them away from drugs and street violence, to focus their energies on more positive pursuits. With our passion for the five elements of Hip Hop (Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffiti & Knowledge) we cooperate with professional international Hip Hop artists to inspire kids all around the world.

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Thank You Project Home Team and Project Home Community

  Christian D.   11. Januar 2021 um 12:20 Uhr

We would like to thank the Project Home Team from the bottom of our hearts for representing us at their incredible "Homescreen Movement Film Festival" and donating 500€ for our projects.

We also want to give a huge Thank You to the Project Home Community for this amazing support. With your help we have reached 50% of our donation goal.

Please keep supporting our fundraise through sharing and donating.

We wish you all a blessed 2021
Peace Love Unity and Having Fun



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