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Association des Jeunes Sportifs Kigali Espérance

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Über uns

ESPERANCE, Association des Jeunes Sportifs de Kigali, a non governmental organization was founded in 1996.
ESPERANCE aims to encourage co-educational football and thus gender equality, teach children to take responsibility for their own actions, provide conflict resolution training, fight the ethnic divide of the Rwandan population, promote a culture of peace among the youths, domestically as well as in neighbouring countries, and teach AIDS awareness and prevention.
Games are effective tools to address health, education, environment and economic issues messages.

The planning, the practice and the evaluation of the activities of ESPERANCE are done by members, volunteers of this association. The staff of ESPERANCE works in collaboration with the ministry of youth, culture and sports.

Among its objectives there are: promotion of health care to youth, fighting AIDS, fighting poverty, culture promotion, sports and promotion of gender.
That is why ESPERANCE would like to use again that method in its activities to be held in 2008. Those activities will be focused on sensitization against AIDS, peace culture promotion, gender promotion and people living together peacefully. ESPERANCE will bring social mobilization activities to the provinces and it will conduct peace building and HIV sensitization activities with target populations of rural in/out of school youth.

As objectives, ESPERANCE is for:

 Training of young football players with different categories of age across the country.
 Promoting the culture of peace among young people within the country and in the Great Lakes Region through “Football for Peace"
 Training youth in conflict
 Educating youth in fighting against AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
Promoting of Women's participation in football game in Rwanda and the region

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  Dominic M.  03. August 2008 um 14:34 Uhr

Unfortunately doesn't exist much place to write a detail description about this project. It's not possible to show all different parts of this project with 1000 words. So, if you want to know more about "Football for Peace" or "Espérance" let me please know. I will response all questions about this project as fast as I can. (Auch auf deutsch) Thank you in advance for visiting this project on betterplace.org. Greets Dominic Mueller



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