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Kilimanjaro Centre for Orphans and Street Children

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The Kili Centre is located in rural Moshi, Tanzania. It was founded by Michael Mpombo in June 2006. It is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation* that provides protection and development services to orphans and street children.

The organisation runs three major programs: Residential Care, Education and Outreach.

At our Residential Care Centre, children receive services such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, guidance, adult supervision and attention throughout a day, alongside both social and psychological support. Currently Kili Centre houses 38 orphans and street children (18 girls and 20 boys between the ages of 3 to 14).

At our education program children receive either non formal education studies, nursery, primary or secondary education studies. In the future the program intends to also provide college and vocational training studies to the children. Currently for this term (January – June 2008) Kili Centre has enrolled all of its children in nursery, primary and secondary schools. Three (2 girls and 1 boy) are in secondary school, thirty-two (17 boys and 15 girls) are in primary schools and three (1 girl and 2 boys) are in nursery school.

At our Outreach program children receive services including access to residential care, trust building sessions, interviews, home visits, follow ups, street and community based health care and education, sponsorship in education costs, the addressing of factors for children’s migration to streets and referrals to other service providers within Kilimanjaro region. In this program a total number of;

-38 children (both orphans and street children) were identified on the streets in Moshi town and in the communities of Uru and Kibosho.
-38 comprehensive interviews were done with these children.
-38 home visits were done to the communities of origin of these children.
* Registration number: 07NGO/1812

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