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paradise home for orphans

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paradise orphanage was established on 2nd January 2008. to cater for Hiv orphans who were forced out of their parental homes due to the stigma associated with HIV AIDS,in the slums of Rhonda nakuru in Kenya.the kids who are between the ages of 2yrs old and 10years old are living in a rented building of only 4 rooms,which is very small to accommodate them all.the main aim of this noble idea is to give them a bright future with the little education and happiness.we require food to sustain them ,drugs to control regular health problems facing them due to their status.they also need more rooms to give them enough space and compound to play, so far the church in the area has been able to give us a piece of land to construct them ten rooms plus an office a kitchen and toilets for sanitation.we do hope that your help can bring a big change in giving these tiny angles a good life which can be of beneficial to them all,their status require regular check ups to maintain good health.some of them has already enrolled in schools where tuition is needed to fund their learning.we would like to request humbly to be help in constructing the rooms, buying drugs, paying tuition fees and uniforms for the Hiv orphans in paradise home

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  h. paradise  12. Februar 2010 um 14:03 Uhr

with due respect we devote ourselves to helping these angles, even though the resources we have are not sufficient enough to complete their needs.that is why we urge everyone out there to help and shape the future of these beautiful children.


thank you in advance



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