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African Green Movement

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Über uns

“AFRICAN GREEN MOVEMENT” is non-profit organization based in Tanzania.Our moto is“Save our Environment for Our Future".Our acronym is “AGM”
VISION: To leave a sustainable African continent for future generations
MISSION: Inspiring young people to nurture the environment, strengthening climate change policies and embracing sustainable living.
(a) Creating awareness about climate change and environmental degradation among youths.
(b) Promotion of Environmental and Agricultural sustainability within the communities.
(c) Organize Tree planting campaigns and environmental clean ups.
(d) Collaborate with and seek assistance from international organizations for our activities.
(e) Youth participation and involvement in international aid and development.
(f) Organize trainings for environmental activists through workshops and capacity building within the societies.
(g) Promote the establishment of environmental clubs in schools and colleges.


Magomeni, Dar-Es-Salaam

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