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Akany Famonjena

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Über uns

Akany Famonjena, Malagasy name of the organisation which means "Nest of Salvation", is an orphanage located in a village 18 km out of Tanà, the capital city of Madagascar.
The orphanage was founded in 1996 by a Canadian woman called Mary Sherwood to host different orphans from different regions of Madagascar. It started to help 5 kids and now there are about 46 (boys and girls).
The center provide accommodation (food and bed) for the kids and pay for their schooling. There are 6 responsible taking care of the kids that they call Mom, Aunt, Uncle and Elder; and the kids call each over brothers and sisters so they are a complete family. That's even the aim of the organisation, give these orphans a home, a new family, but not just a house and food.
Akany Famonjena is growing and want to enlarge his family, to help more orphans (there are thousands in Madagascar). So we invite all to contribute, because we live through donations from different persons and charity organisations.


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