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Über uns

This project started in September 2013 when our organization NEW HOPE FOR BROKEN HEART realized that there were many orphans on street without education or other meaningful care. As with many rural Congolese areas, the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo precisely in the South kivu province which has Bukavu town as capital suffers from a larger number of orphaned children whose parents have died prematurely due to several wars that tied this part of the Country, and illness such as malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS due to poor health care. In addition many children do not have full support of parents who suffer from disabilities or mental illness. According to local Bukavu tradition, these children are cared for by relatives, who often cannot afford to meet their educational and health care needs. As their guardians are often elderly grandparents surviving by subsistence farming, the costs involved are rarely achievable. Many of these children them school fees; provide school supplies and clothes, shoes and toys for all. Nowadays we have registered 85 children that need our support. We do not run an orphanage, the children we wish to support live in their extended families in Bukavu Town and the outlying villages. We think that is extremely important for children to grow up surrounded by their families. We also take on the response ability to restore hope in street children. The NEW HOPE FOR BROKEN HEART practicing “A Christ center Church” initiatives as means of not only preaching the Gospel but also giving hope to humanity, initiated the establishment of this project to help our society carter the same of the future leaders. We have seen and known what it means to have kids( God’s creation) sleep outside under public market make shapes and the street corners and surviving on arms purchased broad, not dreaming of education because it was far away from reality. It was more than Godly and appropriate to act, and it was rewarding not only lives but also society and generation are being saved.
The overreaching goal of the proposed Education is Hope project is to positively impact the lives of orphan and vulnerable children by providing educational access and support, ensuring the success of the beneficiaries.


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