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Environmentalists Development Association - Eth

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Environmentalists Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E) is a not for profit organization founded by individuals consisting mainly of academicians, engineers and researchers with a long time experience in rural development projects. It is re-registered in Ethiopia by the Charities and Societies Agency in 2006, which also marks the beginning of its operations.
EDA-Es set-up comprises: General Assembly, Board of the Association, Executive Director, Management Committee and other staff.
EDA-E envisages the materialization of social development in harmony with its natural environment.
Its main concerns focus on the protection of environment, the promotion of eco-friendly resource management, the provision of schools, potable water and sanitation facilities, and the promotion of women-focused income generation activities.
EDA-E has the mission to preserve and rehabilitate the ecological system of Ethiopia at a local level by:
• developing, promoting and applying environmentally friendly technologies;
• identifying, collecting and conserving the flora and fauna of all agro-ecological zones;
• advocating the protection of ecologically sensitive areas, such as lakes and rivers, virgin forests and special breeding habitats;
• encouraging, compiling and validating indigenous knowledge on sustainable usage of natural resources.

Other related missions include
• disseminating/promoting knowledge in personal and public health
• empowering women through knowledge and skills
• encouraging good learning/teaching practices in rural schools

The Association upholds the accepted values of non-discrimination, partnership, community participation, knowledge sharing and empowerment.
EDA-E's Major Development Partners
♦ WasserStiftung/Water Foundation, Germany
♦ German Embassy, Addis Ababa
♦ Halcrow Foundation, UK
♦ Embassy of Finland, Addis Ababa
♦ SNV, The Netherlands
♦ Senior Experts Service, Germany
♦ Charities and Societies Agency
♦ Swedish International Development Agency (through Mothers & Children Multi-Sectoral Organization)
♦ Civil Societies Support Program (Joint fund of Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden & United Kingdom)


Bole Sub-City, Woreda 14, Yemiru Senai Building
Addis Abeba

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