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Lakers conservation youth group kisumu

wird verwaltet von N. Matara

Über uns

Schools are now opening and many kids in Kenya are now worried of their status as they don't have parents after so many parents in the country perished by HIV/AIDS related diseases. it is no possible to help every child in the whole country and one is always found wondering on where to start.
My organization realized that instead of creating orphanages and having children bundled up in one place, we could give this children families that can stay with them and support them from such home so that as they grow they would have a wholesome upbringing where their self esteem would be well nurtured and make them future successful citizens.
We have twenty eight children who have been given to well wisher families for upkeep. of these we have seven high school pupils, college two and nineteen in primary school.twenty two of these are girls.
all of these students require help as pertaining to their school uniforms,bags, lunch in school and for girls, sanitary towels.
the families that keep them have only sacrificed by providing homes to them but have very stretched budgets. we humbly ask for any donations towards the support of these children. The overall budget is US$ 6000.00 or KSh 420,000.00 for this one term. for detailed budget as they are varying per child send mail to or call +254720701416


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