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Insamlingsstiftelsen Hope Uganda

wird verwaltet von Christine S.

Über uns

Hope Uganda is a swedish registered non-profit organization with the aim to support the local orgaization, Hope Uganda Projects in their work to give needy children an education and by that a brighter future. We created the organization since we saw that the numbers of sponsors increased and also the interest for the projects in Uganda. The work performed by Hope Uganda Projects (the local organization) since the start in 2010 is fantastic and we wanted to give them the best posssibilities to keep on with the good work and to expand the projects. Therefore we created Hope Uganda as platform to gather all current sponsors and to present the projects to potential sponsors.
Today the HOPE family mainly consist of sponsors that came in contact with the local organization during travels in Uganda. We are now working to increase the HOPE family with new sponsors because we want to be able to give more children a chance to an education and a life away from poverty. If you're a sponsor you can help us by spreading the word. If you're not a sponsor, please read about the projects and the local organziation and then we HOPE you will join the family.

Quelle: http://www.hopeuganda.com/#!about-us/c3ue

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Second floor is finished!

  (Gelöschtes Mitglied)  17. Juni 2016 um 14:16 Uhr

We proudly present the second floor - as you can see the project is proceeding :-)

We still want to reach our goal "15 classroom-floors for Hope Uganda School" so keep on donating!! Thank you in advance!



Plot 64, Nyabikoni
P.O.BOX 80

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