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Über uns

Startupboat is an initiative that develops tech and innovative solutions to respond to the migration crisis.

We aim to kickstart and grow solutions that can spin out into self-sustainable social ventures .
We assess the needs of the frontline, develop solution concepts and mobilise the tech and startup community to implement them.

The initiative has grown out of the two Startupboat Hackathons, where innovators traveled to the frontline to assess the situation and develop solution concepts to make the migration process a more human process.
Of these concepts, four projects have been implemented:
First Contact, Migration Hub, Translation Kit and the Lesvos Shelter Project.

While we will continue to organise mobile hackathons to the frontline for specific challenges, we are now expanding our activities beyond the hackathons by developing concepts within the core team, creating lean prototypes and overseeing implementation. Startupboat has now produced a number of solution concepts which it will build within the next months.

We are finalising the features and strategy of these projects based on feedback from partner NGOs and have opened calls for funds and project leads to join the effort.


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