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Waisenmedizin e.V.

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Über uns

Founded on Mai 19th 2000 the association has brought forward projects all allocated in the health sector in different countries focussing on Afghanistan in the last 10 years.

WM e.V. is belonging to the group of organizations, namely for instance OneWorldHealth and DNDi, that try to make a difference in bio-research & medicinal development by meeting the needs of patients in third world countries and in Europe. WM e.V. is the first German pharmaceutical non governmental organization recognized as charitable by the German state and is capable of accepting tax deducible donations for charitable and scientific purposes.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

I received a payout of €146.25

  K. Stahl  06. Juni 2019 um 14:26 Uhr

We will use the donations for sending LeiProtect gel to Iran. Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to be able to help other patients.



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