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Anima Subotica

wird verwaltet von A. Kovacevic

Über uns

Anima Subotica is is a non-governmental organizations for promoting human rights, animal rights and protection of the enivronment. Our actions are centered around Subotica, Serbia.

After saving hundreds of animals from the streets of Subotica we wanted to broaden our humanitarian activities to other fields. The result of that wish was Anima. Since the start of this organization we have saved and sterilized more than 300 dogs and cats.

Our goals:
- To neuter and spay abandoned, stray dogs and cats in Subotica
- To neuter and spay pets whose owners are not able to do it themselves due to financial reasons
- To educate younger generations about the problem of stray animals

How can you help?

1. We always welcome volunteers for any type of activites that we do.
2. We also appreciate any type of donation :
- you can bring donations personally to Pet salon Tiffany (Antuna Askerca 42, Subotica)
- you can send us donations through our local bank account ( PROCREDIT BANK - Local currency (Dinar – RSD): 220-132755-12)
- if you are in another country and wish to support our work you can send us help through our foreign currency bank account (40-305-00000296, IBAN: RS35 2204 0305 0000 0296 52, SWIFT: PRCBRSBG )

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

A little more about us :)

  A. Kovacevic  25. September 2015 um 17:48 Uhr

Please see our short story here

You can see more on our 

Facebook page (English) Facebook page (Serbian)



Antona Askerca 42

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