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Youth Anti AIDS Network (YNA)

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The Youth Anti-AIDS Network (YAN) was formed in the year 2002 in February. The network was
formed out of the need to reach out to schools on health education and it traces it’s origin upon
realization by the young people of Kitwe district that fighting of HIV/AIDS and other related
opportunistic infections calls for a concerted effort from the young people in schools and all sectors
of the society. The young people are seen to be the modest channel of sending the message of
prevention, advocacy, mitigation and care to the young people already infected and affected to be
transformed to better person’s and make informed decisions. And this is so because of the intimate
curiosity and thirsty for new experiences, which led to the problems of HIV/AIDS, crime, juvenile
delinquency, undermining student’s academic ability and performance.

The Youth Anti-AIDS Network (YAN) is a youth led organisation that is working together with other
organisations and individuals in the fight against the fast spread of HIV/AIDS in the Copperbelt in
particular and Zambia in general. Youth Anti-AIDS Network has been working with many
organisations in carrying out HIV/AIDS prevention activities and has contributed in putting up
mitigating factors on the impact of vulnerable groups such as the youths and children.

The magnitude of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia is alarmingly high. The impact of the silent
epidemic has started manifesting itself by the large number of deaths, sexual abuse cases among
young people, occurring in the community and schools. The rate of infection is also on the increase
amongst young people.

The scope of the organisation is in pre-schools, primary schools, basic schools, secondary schools,
community schools, colleges higher learning institution and the society at large on the Copperbelt
both in rural and urban areas and Zambia in general.


8 Diamond Drive, Martindale Area, Kitwe Central, Kitwe, Zambia