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Peng! Collective was founded to push civil society to its limits. Experimenting with disinformation, culture jamming, context hacking and subversion, Peng seeks to expose hidden information and power structures, challenge official narratives and explain and popularize social justice issues. Since it's start in 2013, the organisation has already produced over 5 successful campaigns on topics such as data privacy, corporate social responsibility for energy companies, and online harassment, and have had their work profiled in major media publications such as Forbes Magazine, Der Spiegel, London Telegraph, Die Zeit, Associated Press, BBC World Service, Vice Magazine and more.

Peng works in three ways:
● Research and development: Peng researches and tests out new, and inter-disciplinary
approaches to political intervention and campaigning.
● Collaboration: Peng supports the campaigns of other advocacy groups and alliances, by planning or producing interventions in collaboration.
● Workshops and consultancy: Peng offers workshops to students and civil society actors on creative campaigning and provides consultancies to civil society actors on campaign conceptualization and implementation.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

I received a payout of €90.00

  A. Stolz  29. August 2017 um 16:20 Uhr

This money will be used for equipping our office with one new comfortable chair (which we will rotate between us) and plenty of coffee. Thank you donators! 



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