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Über uns

Charity fund “BLUE ANGEL Ukraine” is a team of psychologists and psychotherapists who put together their knowledge and skills to help the people that experienced war, natural disasters and other traumatic events. We are currently working on creation of crisis intervention team and developing cooperation in this sphere in Ukraine and worldwide.

Our activities:
- Carrying out of educational events on topics: stress (physiology, emotions, behavior), neurophysiology of trauma, first psychological aid, techniques in communicating with children, conflicts and negotiation techniques, suicide, loss and accompaniment to those who passed away.
- Psychological aid for the persons injured from the stress situations, participants of ATO and their family members, children: accompaniment, consulting and therapy.
- Cooperation with foreign and international organizations in the sphere of mental health and crises intervention.

Our main goals:
- Psychological education of population.
- Crisis psychological aid.
- Experience exchange and advanced training for mental health professionals.
- Cooperation with Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Interior, medical, educational and social institutions for the purpose of practical application of crises intervention knowledge.
- Fundraising to make it all possible.


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H. Slobodyanyuk

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