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HIV and AIDS is a worldwide phenomenon.

A global picture of the epidemic shows that Southern Africa has the highest rate of infection.

The Star For Life project was born out of Chrtisin and Dan Olofsson's strong belief that the future of the Southern African region lies in its youth. Having already established strong ties with the rural communities in the Hluhluwe area of the KwaZulu / Natal province, South Africa, this area was a natural choice for launching their project, which was piloted in mid-2005 at Siphosabadletshe High School.

The Star For Life concept stems from the belief that when we support young people to develop a healthy level of self-esteem and belief in their future, they will be inspired to perform well in several different areas of life. In particular, they will realise the importance of taking personal responsibility for their sexuality and become active participants in the fight agains the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

The Star For Life programme runs for three years in each school, where it becomes an integral part of the curriculum. This approach demands that the management and teachers in each school play a key role, together with the Life Orientation coaches and trainers from Star For Life.

Since the pilot in 2005, the positive response from learners and teachers we were motivated to expand the programme. By early 2007, the project had been successfully launched in 41 high schools in the Umkhayakude district, in KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa, about 33 000 learners have been reached.

Based on this experience, the Star For Life project was introduced in Namibia, where the pilot was launched in September 2007 at Jan Jonker Afrikaner High School in Windhoek.


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