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Liter of Light Bangalore

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Über uns

Liter of Light is a global independent movement with the aim to provide a long term source of light to the underprivileged that do not have access to electricity or just cannot afford it. The idea we follow is pretty simple we use a 1.25 Ltr. Cola Bottle with purified water and bleach installing it onto the roof of a sheet house. The water inside the bottle refracts the sunlight during the daytime and provides as much light as a 55 watt light bulb. As this form of light requires the sun’s energy it works only during the day.

How it all started?

The idea of using plastic bottles for daylight was first pioneered by Alfredo Moser from Brazil in 2002. Using the technology as a social enterprise was first launched in the Philippines by Illac Diaz under the MyShelter Foundation in April 2011. In order to help the idea to grow sustainably, the Foundation implemented a “local entrepreneur” business model, whereby bottle bulbs are put together and installed by locals who can in turn earn a small income for their work. Within months, one carpenter and one set of tools in one community in San Pedro, Laguna, expanded the organization to 15,000 solar bottle bulb installations in 20 cities and provinces around the Philippines and began to inspire local initiatives around the world.
In less than a year since inception, over 200,000 bottle bulbs were installed in communities around the world. Liter of Light has a goal to light up 1 million homes by the end of 2015. Liter of Light Bangalore is playing a part in this goal.


D-65 Golden Enclave, Old Airport Road, 560017 Bangalore, India