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International Midwifery Students

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Über uns

Dear Crowdfunder !
In a world, where global health is constantly improving on many levels, there is still one big field, where lots of work needs to be done: Every year many women and children still die during pregnancy, childbirth, and post partum because they sufficient access to midwifery care. The WHO has listed the training of midwives as one of the primary developmental goals in order to prevent and reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. Midwives all all over the world are connected through big organizations like the International Confederation of Midwives, however there is no group that exists for International midwifery students.
So in June 2014 the group International Midwifery Students was founded at the ICM (International Congress of Midwives) in Prague. We were a big group of over 100 midwifery students from all over the world, that connected, shared stories and that were all thrilled to meet each other.. A Facebook group was founded and ever since we are growing in our facebook community. However, not everybody is connected through Facebook, so we came up with the idea to create a newsletter, in order to reach, connect and inform as many international midwifery students as possible. Moreover, we want to found an organization that connects all of us around the globe and that represents us as students on an international level. So we have big plans in the making here... WE NEED YOUR HELP :-)
We would love to invite all of you to participate, share and support our Crowdfunding Project to enable us to get more professional help for this project and its organization !

- Amélie and Mona