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Busker Diaries

wird verwaltet von J. Krohn

Über uns

Busker Diaries want to document, promote and support street music (and art) in all its facets.
Right now, Busker Diaries stands for 2 main products: a series of short music documentaries that protraits modern street music.
And a series of concerts, hosted and curated by busker diaries.

Busker Diaries concentrate on the relation between the artist and the street. We're getting close to the diverse artists and give them a chance to present themselves and their opinions on life.
Supporters get the chance to donate for the artists.
By doing so, we help the musicians, to make a better living.

For every new episode, we pick out a different artist.
Every episode concentrates on the essence of the artists' story and music. This is curated only by us, and our decision is based on the original music and personal backgrounds.

Similar to the busking idea, people can donate money if they like what they saw. All donations that are made for the artists, go directly to them, and can be used for whatever they want.
The artist decides, wether the donation-option is in place (in case they dont want to make use of it).
All names of donators will be transmitted to the artists.

The Team
Art Direction/Camera: Fabian Frost
Photographer & Director, studied Visual Communication at UdK Berlin http://fabianfrost.com
Director/Producer: Julian Krohn
Ex- A&R (Universal Music), freelance music consultant, studied film production and Commercial Music