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Über uns

The African Foundation for Personal Growth and Professional Development is a Non- Profit Organization dedicated to developing, evaluating and disseminating programs and activities that foster young people’s moral, social and intellectual development. While nurturing young people’s ability to think critically and skillfully, AFRIPAD strives to intensify youths’ commitment to personal responsibility, gender equality and the respect for others – qualities we believe are essential to leading productive lives and creating a better continent.

By providing capacity building sessions in the areas of human and socio-economic development, we can be Africa a better continent.

AFRIPAD is about bringing like minded people together and encouraging self empowerment through interdependence. It is about bringing out the best in everybody. All AFRIPAD"S projects are in that direction. Currently we have the 2009 /2010 Essay competition open for high school and university students in the country (Liberia).

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Four Counties, 250 beneficiaries and counting

  D. Maxwell, Jr  05. Dezember 2009 um 09:56 Uhr
Since the formal Launch of AFRIPAD, our volunteers have been working tirelessly to get take the organization the people for whom it was established - Tomorrow's Leaders. It has been a challenge gathering resources; but it has been worth it as even the executive is learning in the process. To date, we now have a presence in four major counties in the country: Montserrado, Bong, Margibi and Grand Gedeh Counties. Our work in these counties is to team up with local Youth Organizations and start the ball rolling with our first pillar- Career Development. A lot of Liberian students are having a hard time deciding the right careers for them; as a result, people find themselves studying fields they have no real interest in but are just there because their friends are. Working with the local organizations on the ground, we are conducting career seminars, followed by workshops for Volunteer Career counselors, and then Career fairs. The other four Pillars of AFRIPAD include, Social Enterprise Development, Mentoring Programs provision of Scholarships and teaching Patriotism..| In a subsequent blog, I will elaborate further on these four pillars. Thanks for staying in touch. Daniel


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D. Maxwell, Jr

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