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Circo FantazzTico

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Über uns

The project “Circo Fantazztico” is a social project based on training circusart, founded by the association vida nueva. it uses circus pedagogic as a way to offer preventative help for socially deprived children and teenagers.

The organization works in marginal areas of San Isidro de El General, in the south of Costa Rica, where great social problems occur. In order to offer the local youth a positive and future oriented way to use their free time, the Association Vida Nueva created the project “Circo FantazzTico”.

The idea is to create a secure place for children and youth with social difficulties to teach them corporal abilities and social competence. This circus covers the entire spectrum of disciplines, from juggling to acrobatics, allowing the kids to develop confidence in themselves and in the group and to develop team work skills plus a sense of responsibility. Moreover, the importance is not placed on individual success but in detecting and improving the capacities, strengths and talents of each, in order to achieve success as a group. A show that is prepared and brought to success by the whole group improves self-esteem as well as group consciousness.

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  c. kuzma  13. April 2015 um 15:41 Uhr

Vielen Dank an alle Spender. 

Ich bin wieder in Berlin angekommen. 

Romy ist noch in mexiko. 

Liebe grüße Claudio

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cuart entrada del prado
san isidro de el general
Costa Rica