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Las Mascotas También Lloran, Inc. (LMTLlo, Inc)

wird verwaltet von J. Rodriguez (Kommunikation)

Über uns

We sterilize pets of families with limited economic resources. We provide medicine, food, and other necessary items to these families. The objective is to NOT have these families abandon their pets on our streets and created all sorts of problems, safety, disease, etc, etc. Besides, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

LMTLlo, Inc. vows to change the States legislative laws.

  J. Rodriguez  27. Januar 2015 um 21:35 Uhr

It is high time that the Puerto Rican States Government take some responsibility in helping with the massive amounts of unwanted pets in our streets. Since they would not act on their own, I took it upon myself to incorporate the NPO, "Las Mascotas También Lloran, Inc" a Non Profit Organization (NPO) that helps in the vacination, neutralization, and medication of pets with low income families so that they will not wind up in our streets. I vow to have these families commit in writing that they will NOT abandon, abuse, or otherwise mistreat these pets after receiving these benefits. They will provide a loving and caring environment for the rest of their natural lives, so help me god. I can NOT do this alone, I need the help of everyone that can help to donate with what they can, and I make the solemn promise that I will use their donated funds to maximize the best way possible their use to make the operation of my NPO the best in the world! I want to see no more animals in the streets passing hunger, diseased, or otherwised abused. I want to see happy families, with their pets at their local parks, with leashes and doggy bags for their necesities. Playing with their families and help keep families intact with their love and warmth in return.



696 Girasol Street
Rio Grande
Puerto Rico