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Sky Trust

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Über uns

The Sky Trust is also registered in Lesotho and was founded after the inaugural Lesotho Sky Event in 2011. It is registered as a nonprofit vehicle and solely focuses on community and developmental work over and above the social objectives of the Lesotho Sky Event. Some of these objectives are woven into the event, such as training of skills (for instance racing & timing commissaires). The Sky Trust has 3 independent trustees, two Basotho and the managing director Christian Schmidt, from Germany and Lesotho.

The Lesotho Sky Event and the Sky Trust regard the Basotho athletes as an integral component of the success of the event. We aspire to make this symbiosis a global success through training, coaching and provision of career opportunities for Basotho cycling athletes. These athletes in turn inspire kids and youth in communities to partake and engage in sport. A professional sporting career may be an option for a selected few, however the focus lies on engaging in sustainable activities such as cycle tourism. So far promising results have been achieved both through work at the event and in the Ha Ramoshabe community in Lesotho. This is the developmental model of the Sky Trust and it can easily be deployed to other communities across the country.

Improve the livelihoods of children, youth and adults in Lesotho through engagement in sporting activities in general and cycling sport in particular. Relevant topics such as transport, health, education, sustainable income generation and environment will be addressed through active engagement in sport. Cooperation with international stakeholders and organisations make the Sky Trust a dynamic platform which contributes to economic development and prosperity in Lesotho.


Hilton Road, Maseru 100, Lesotho

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