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Iringa Develop. of Youth, Disabled & Children Care

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Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) is a local Tanzanian NGO, established in 1991 and officially registered in 1994, located in Iringa Municipality in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. IDYDC operates in all seven districts of Iringa region with its main focus on children in need, e.g. MVCs and OVCs, school drop-outs and child laborers, with the aim of giving them a brighter future by enhancing the children's possibilities of education.

IDYDC runs six progams, which are:
- Most Vulnerable Children/Orphans Vulnerable Children (providing basic needs, like food, shelter , clothing, medical treatment and basic education)
- Vocational Training Centers (in 4 districts, providing skills in different trades, like carpentry, masonry, tailoring, well drilling, and others)
- Micro Finance (providing soft loans to youth and family groups)
- Health (raising awareness on HIV, AIDS, drugs, substance and alcohol abuse, reproductive health and family planning
- Environment (esp. water supply and sanitation, tree planting)
- Community radio (NURU FM)


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