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Holistic Rehabilitation and Skills Development Cen

wird verwaltet von B. Honorator

Über uns

Holistic Rehabilitation and Skills Development Center is a church based non-profit organization. The registration number is 10727. The organization was formed in 2013 after God had given me a vision to take care of orphans and vulnerable children. Especially the poor of the poorest. This has come as a result of seeing many orphans in Uganda. Many orphans here live on the streets eating from garbage and dust bins. Many children have died because of living this kind of life. Many children have no access to any form of education and have become victims of many circumstances. Child labor, child abuse, child rape, child traffic,and many other tortures. Some children become school drop-outs because they have lost their parents to AIDS and HIV or other diseases. Some of the children have the same viruses as their parents. Children with mental and physical handicaps are also victims of abuse because their parents can not handle the handicap. They are often neglected and abused. Orphans are often used as sex partners for adults. They sell their bodies as a way to get food and to survive.
This program is designed to help them access education and a safer environment for them to live in. Our plan is to make them fit in society and lead normal lives. We need them to become self reliant to eradicate poverty.

We would be very grateful if you donated to our project now!

Thank you!


PO Box 786