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Inspire Trust

wird verwaltet von S. Moerbe

Über uns

The INSPIRE TRUST is a registered, non- profit, non-governmental Organization,
operating in Goa in the fields of Education, Environment, Community
Development and Sustainability, as well as Revival of Arts, Crafts, Music,
Theatre & Films.
The main intend is to inspire and encourage the members of the community to
create a sustainable, open and environment- friendly society with equal rights
and opportunities for everybody.

We believe that to start change and innovation one has to first think in a
critical way to identify the issues in our society to then focus upon and address
them. It is important to act after addressing them to solve the problems, but
also to inspire others to think and act. We further believe in the idea of the
collective as the strongest tool to transform our society towards sustainability,
openness and equality. People need to start collaborating on their ideas, skills
and actions, so change and innovation can begin.

The INSPIRE TRUST intends to identify micro and macro level issues that can be
affected by change towards a better society with equal rights and opportunities
for everybody. Through the empowering of the community members we want to
encourage them to find own ways to deal with these issues to make it into
sustainable models for the future.

The micro and macro level issues which need to be identified are reaching e.g.
from individual shortfalls in personal development, health care deficits,
oppression, discrimination, access to education, over environmental issues such
as pollution or insufficient water supply to other problems faced by the entire
To overcome these issues, we are targeting all members of the community to
share and collaborate within ones personal opportunities, skills and interests.


C.F.I, Laxmi Co-Op. Housing Society Ltd