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Building Blocks

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Über uns

Our vision:
Building Blocks is committed to breaking the poverty cycle in India by providing a free, fun-filled, safe, quality kindergarten education and nutritious meals and thus assisting slum children to enter good English medium schools.

Our schools:
Building Blocks Schools have a very structured program to educate children from the slums. Since the schools are purposely located near slum neighborhoods it makes it very easy for the mothers to walk their children to school every morning. This also facilitates a rapport between the parents and the teachers.

The learning experience:
When a child is coming from a home that has no electricity, running water or toilet, everything in the school is a learning experience. They learn to wash their hands with soap in the sink and brush their teeth for the first time. They look at books that have colorful pictures and use crayons for the first time and celebrate their birthday with friends by cutting and eating a cake!

The background of the children:
All of the children in Building Blocks come from extremely poor families. Before coming to Building Blocks most of them would be roaming the streets in very unhygienic conditions or taking care of their younger siblings. In either case they would have hardly any food while their parents, normally construction laborers, would be gone the whole day!

Most of our children do not have access to clean water nor hygienic toilet facilities and are thus prone to all kinds of health problems and malnutrition. Most of these children would never have an opportunity to receive a good education as their parents only have one objective: to make enough money to buy food to survive!


#34, Hanumanthappa Road

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