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Victory Womens Movement & Victory childrens founda

wird verwaltet von K. Garises

Über uns

We are working with the poorest people in Namibai living mostly in the informal settlement(squatercamps or slums) people living with HIV/AIDS and street children.Women are train in many skills income generating taking care of the very sick people and workshops in how to handle daily problems in the community ,support group sare set up.streetchildren are pick up from the streets and send to school where posible and also train in handwork like arts and crafts ,gardening skills.We take part in most of the Natinal and International days like international womens day,African child day worlds aids day ,poverty day ect.We are raising funds €90.000.00 to buy the house which we rent at this moment.Monthly we need €5000.00.We are depenting on funding and also vulanteers.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Afrika Tage Austria Trip-28 July -17 August 2011

  K. Garises  17. Mai 2011 um 06:44 Uhr

This is the second time our team from Namibia takepart in this festival,its a great time to raise funds face to face for our project.This year we are 4 women one will doing culture dance in the San and Namibian traditional uniforms ,to make it possible for us we need your help,two of us will remain in Europe until end of August two look for business and you are welcome us to your city or town for exhibitions.


Visas 286 Euro,Airtickets 5715Euro,exhibition Space 1607 Euro,Accomodation 5543 Euro,per Diem spenting money 4756 Euro,Cargo 617 Euro

Total 18524 Euro



Bachstreet 140 Windhoek west -windhoek