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Adopt A needy Family

wird verwaltet von A. Needy Family

Über uns

Adopt a family in need project is a new program by CESRA. We aim to enable private individuals or companies to sponsor and support a poor family living in poverty to start a sustainable micro enterprise with a mission to encourage stability and self sufficiency among Kenyan needy families.


1. Adopt a family: We suggest first that you chose a the family from the list.
2. Form a Connection: As you listen and learn about your family, look to form some kind of personal connection by requesting for their full background information. Their needs and their hopes in life.
3. Realize Your Contribution: Help them begin a small micro enterprise to sustain them. You will receive direct communication with them about how your money is changing their lives.
4. Invest in Change: Don’t forget that sustainable development and real change is the goal. As you may be aware Trillions of dollars have been poured into Africa and have brought little to no real change. Therefore this programs aim to make a permanent change to poor families in Kenya Kenya.
5. Advance the Cause: Spread the word about what’s happening in your family as you engage in Africa. Recruit other families to adopt a family in Kenya. As this effort multiplies, take some effort to know other families who have adopted families in Kenya as well, Share ideas, networks, etc.

VISITS: Social visits may be arranged for the first trip. The sponsor has the right to visit any time that is suitable for them and the family.


Pedhit Hehru

A. Needy Family

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