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Über uns

The core competence of MMCRHI is the reduction of poverty in orphans and the vulnerable children, youths and adults through training and survival skills empowerment. MMCRHI realizes that the key cause of high levels of poverty in Zambian children, youths and adults is unemployment due to limited industries. Unemployment has caused youths and adults engage in street roaming, drunkenness, prostitution and theft habits. This vulnerability surrounding youths and adults in Zambia cannot be addressed by the support from government alone; but can be augmented by concerted efforts from all stakeholders. Failure to augment the existing efforts has caused the accelerating numbers of unemployment and leaving many dying from different diseases.
Millions of children are not enrolled into schools while hundreds of school leavers have neither training nor employment opportunities. MMCRHI has identified children and youths which the Organization wish to engage into schools and skills training. MMCRHI shall establish schools, training centers, churhes and clinics which shall be an extension of its Organization.

Offering vulnerable children and youths with education and skills shall improve the employment opportunities and livelihoods in many lives in Zambia's rural communities. Some of the hundreds of youths shall be given capital to go into small scale industries while others will be taken on by the Organization.
To achieve this, MMCRHI intends to put up Infrastructure and machinery in the identified rural communities through donor funds.



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